Links – Every year in the UK & Ireland tens of thousands of dogs are euthanised due to lack of homes. SaveTheStrays aims to help raise awareness of this and promote animal rescues, animal adoption, volunteering and fundraising. If you care about dogs, please visit our site for more info on what you can do to help… - tens of thousands of dogs euthanised every year. The nation's dogs need YOU!

Visit | SaveTheStrays at Twitter | SaveTheStrays at Facebook – Rescue Helpers Unite brings volunteers and animal Rescues together to help more animals! We’re a UK based organisation working with Rescues nationwide. RHU Volunteers help Rescues with transporting, fostering, homechecking, fundraising and lots more. If you’d like to volunteer with animals please join us!

Rescue Helpers Unite, volunteering for animals

Visit | Rescue Helpers Unite at Twitter | Rescue Helpers Unite at Facebook

Animal Rescue Directory from Rescue Helpers Unite – A searchable directory of UK animal rescues – an easy way to find a rescue near you…

UK Animal Rescue Directory, Rescue Helpers Unite

Dog Walker Directory

– Looking for a dog walker or pet professional? Search the directory at

Are you a dog walker or pet professional? Get listed on the directory now and let your customers find you with ease when browsing online – it’s free for a limited period only!

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