How to get involved with dog fostering for UK animal rescues

Staffordshire Bull TerrierDog fosterers are always desperately needed, and play a vital role for many dogs as they transition from their old home – to the pound kennels or rescue kennels – to the foster home – and finally to their forever home!

If you want to foster dogs – here’s how to get started

Before contacting rescues or arranging for a dog to come to your home – think carefully! Are you sure fostering is right for you?

  • Are you home most of the day, every day?
    Most dogs shouldn’t be left on their own for more than 3-4 hours each day
  • A lot of dogs behave perfectly well in their foster homes – but are you prepared to handle any problems that might arise? Toiletting accidents, or behavioural problems can happen even with the calmest of dogs. A change in environment can cause upset for some dogs. But if you’re prepared for these things, you can help your foster dog to get over these hurdles and ready to move on to his/her new home!
  • Is your home prepared for a dog (or another dog if you already have furry residents!) – do you have an appropriate bed & bedding, lead & collar, toys & treats? Better to get these things organised before your foster dog arrives so you don’t have to worry about it later on.

Check our out foster dog tips and suggestions for further reading on what to prepare yourself for when you become a dog fosterer.

If you’re new to fostering and not already fairly experienced with caring for dogs – pick your first foster dog carefully and talk at depth with the rescue so that the right kind of dog can be matched to your family and home.

Ok, so you’ve got everything you need – now how do you go about finding a foster dog?

Once you’re logged in – check out the fostering needed section where you’ll find dozens of dogs looking for foster families, with many different breeds, sizes, and temperaments so you can hopefully find a dog that is most suitable for your household.

  • Contact rescues local to you

Contact rescues to offer help as a fosterer. If you’re unsure who your local rescues are, try googling it and ask around in the community at vets, pet shops and with dog walkers & trainers. You can also check out the Rescue Helpers Unite Animal Rescue Directory.

If you’re flexible on the type of rescue dog you’d like to foster, and you’re happy for the rescue to arrange a homecheck so that one of their representatives can visit you and chat with you, you could be fostering within days :)

And with so many homeless dogs in need, your help is needed as much as ever.

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