dog fostering

Would you like to foster dogs?

Every year, thousands of dogs need to go in to foster homes during their transition from rescue dog to family dog

There are never enough foster homes available to help rescues save all the dogs in need, and tens of thousands of dogs are euthanised in the UK & Ireland every year due to lack of homes.

By fostering dogs, you can help rescues save more dogs from a pointless death – and help more dogs on their way to happy lives with new families.

Yes, I would like to register as a fosterer now

Signing up as a fosterer:

  1. Register an account at Rescue Helpers Unite (it’s simple & 100% free)
  2. Activate your account via email and allow a little time for the account to be activated (doesn’t take long, usually within a few hours or less)
  3. Log in and visit the RHU Volunteer Databases section
  4. Add your details to the fosterers database for your county (if you would prefer to only be contacted for dog fostering please add a note in your post. Other animals are also in need of fosterers regularly)
  5. Done! – You will now be contacted whenever a rescue posts info on a dog needing a fosterer in your area

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